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Message from the Chairman

Jean-Michel Godeffroy ImageDear Delegate,

I am very pleased to invite you to attend the first Central Bank Payments Conference (CBPC), organised by Currency Research (CR), on June 26–28, 2017 in Amsterdam. CR has a long history (25+ years) of organizing high-quality and specialized industry conferences for central banks, to date primarily in the fields of banknote printing and currency circulation.

Known for their expertise and their reputation for high-level conferences, CR is perfectly placed to bring these same high standards to the cashless payments arena. I was delighted and honoured that they asked me to be Chairman of the conference.

In contrast to other commercially organised payment conferences, CBPC focuses on payments and payment system issues from a central bank perspective. We have developed a two-day program complete with topics that address the most relevant concerns, challenges, and opportunities facing the Central Bank and their role in their payment system and market infrastructure.

Besides the Central Banks, our delegation will include the most relevant players in the field of payment systems, thereby enhancing their understanding of central bank issues and needs. Specifically, we invite those private institutions that fall under Central Bank oversight, and in some cases, invite them to present on key topics. Bringing these key participants together will encourage beneficial discussion and help progress efficiency and improvement in the system.

Another distinctive feature of this conference is its focus on major policy concerns of the moment; it will not deal with payment systems basics nor will it target newcomers to the field. We expect the audience to comprise mostly department heads and senior experts with some years of experience in the domain.

Considering the enthusiastic responses received from the invited speakers and other central bankers, I am convinced that this conference is very much aligned with the needs of the central banking community and related institutions. Since cashless payments evolve quickly due to rapidly changing technologies, we plan to hold this conference every year in a different location around the world.

I encourage you to register soon to ensure your participation, as space is limited. The conference takes place in the beautiful historical city of Amsterdam and I hope you will be able to spare at least one additional day from your busy schedule to discover, or re-discover, its unique charm.


Jean-Michel Godeffroy Signature 

Jean-Michel Godeffroy
Chairman, CBPC
Former ECB Director General of Payment Systems & Market Infrastructure